In addition to our waste collection and recycling services, we offer a wide range of bespoke waste management solutions towards promoting the 3Rs of Environmental Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; and a circular economy. Chanja Datti offers training, consultancy and technical advice, site investigation & assessments, supply of equipment and event waste management & after-event cleanup services that are tailored to suit your business requirements.

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waste management training and consultancy

Training and Consultancy

At Chanja Datti we offer our services to organizations that need tailored training, consultancy and technical advice to help them manage their waste efficiently. This service is far reaching and covers everything from general waste management to recycling.

Whatever you need to know about waste management, the environmental professionals at Chanja Datti can offer consultancy and technical advice to help you make the right decisions for your waste.

Site Investigation & Assessment

Site Investigation & Assessment

If you need support with your waste systems, facilities or products, a site investigation will tell the experts everything they need to know to tailor the service that you require.

Our site investigations are a vital part of the waste management process and are essential. This site investigation also gives us a good understanding of how your business works and the level and nature of the waste it produces, so we can tailor our services around your operation and quote accurately for the services we recommend.

Supply of waste management equipments and materials

Supply of Equipments/Materials

At Chanja Datti, we supply materials and equipment to aid domestic and corporate waste management needs.

After-Event cleanup services

Event Waste Management & After –Event Clean Up Services

If you’re organizing or planning an event, talk to us at Chanja Datti about our professional event waste management service.

We offer professional cleanup services for your events because we believe that keeping your venue tidy after your events significantly contributes to a green environment. From weddings, funerals, concerts and entertainment shows, sporting activities, open air events, exhibitions and other large scale public events, Chanja Datti has an integrated waste management service that will take care of everything, discreetly, hygienically and efficiently. We will deliver and collect bins and containers for all types of rubbish. If you have more specialist waste requirements for your event, we’ll be happy to help.