What Do I Have to Do?

Comply with environmental regulations

This is not a program that requires independent, third¬-party verification for participation. The underlying goal is to incentivize companies to move to adopt best practices without being onerous. However, there are requirements around demonstration of the activities needed to achieve and sustain success in the pursuit of Green Business objectives.

  • Chanja Datti and partners will provide technical assistance, if needed, and verify that your business complies with applicable environmental regulations.
  • Forward quarterly report of level of compliance with environmental regulations
  • A first verification, decal will be issued to promote business, while renewal will be done after each subsequent verification process.
  • We hope that all participants will be honest and forthcoming with the information they are providing to meet qualification and verification requirements.
  • There will be no independent, third¬-party audit of your facility or company to qualify, companies should recognize that by taking advantage of the use of the decal to denote their activities in the pursuit of the Green Business objectives, they open themselves up to customer inquiries about their efforts at greening their business and all companies should be prepared to answer these questions
  • Facilities that put the principles of the modules into practice will have no problem demonstrating their efforts. If a facility is using the decal under false pretenses, it does open a company up to accusations of greenwashing, which can be damaging to a brand and result in the revoking of use of the decal.

*Conserve resources *Prevent pollution *Reduce waste

Use our Green Business checklist to select and record what you are doing to green your operations. Some actions businesses take include:

  • buying only recycled materials
  • cleaning with less toxic products
  • using efficient lighting systems
  • reducing waste in production


Contact us to learn more about the Green Business Standards, and what it takes to become a Green Business. Businesses can receive advice and technical assistance at no cost from our personnel.


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