Green Your Business


The Green Business Program recognizes businesses, companies or organizations that have taken steps to drive toward greening their business by maximizing waste and pollution control towards a zero waste regime. This program also offers participants the tools and resources that will help them successfully achieve their green business objectives, recycling and waste reduction goals. Participants can use this in promoting their business successes to their host communities, employees, and customers.

A Green Business...

  • Is recognized as an environmental leader in landfill diversion, waste reduction by demonstrating commitment to ensuring valuable resources go to the highest and best use, and environmental sustainability (#reduce #reuse #recycle #recover #repurpose waste)
  • Imbibes environmentally friendly cultures and policies
  • Improves employee morale, health and productivity
  • Holds a marketing edge over the competition
  • Earn financial returns and social benefits from proper waste management

Green Businesses receive recognition through:

  • Chanja Datti Green Business Award in partnership with the Environmental Agency
  • Press coverage, promotional events and special recognition
  • Window decals, certificates and promotional materials for your business
  • Green Business logo to use in your advertising
  • Promotion on the Green Business Program page at Chanja Datti Ltd

Goals of the program

The 3E model below serves as the primary goals of the Green Business Programme:

  • Equip companies and organizations with knowledge that materials generated in the course of manufacturing and normal business are resources that can be put to a much higher and better use than landfilling and combustion. And that those materials only become “waste” when the generator cannot identify other beneficial use for that the waste stream.
  • Encourage participating companies and organizations to acquire tools that will aid in achieving their business greening objectives.
  • Esteem/Emblazon companies or organizations making strides to reduce the environmental impact of their businesses. This means ensuring the return of all excess material resources to re-manufacturing cycle, or maximizing energy recovery value when mechanical recycling is not viable.

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