Becoming a Green Restaurant

Becoming a Green Restaurant is Rewarding and Saves Money

How can restaurants "green" their businesses? First bring their operations into compliance with all environmental regulations, then adopt pollution prevention and resource conservation practices.

Here are some examples of what you can do.

Top Green Restaurant Practices

Conserve Energy and Water and Prevent Pollution

Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention

  1. Monitor and control energy and water use
  2. Evaluate cleaners, sanitizers, paints, pesticides and other chemicals used throughout your facility. Can a safer product be substituted? Can a product be eliminated? Are chemicals being stored safely?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Buy products in returnable, reusable or recyclable containers.
  2. Recycle food*, cardboard, paper, glass, metal and plastics. (*food waste, along with waxed cardboard, paper napkins, paper beverage cartons and wooden crates can be picked up for recycling or upcycling)
  3. Buy recycled-content paper products whenever possible, including hand towels, napkins, office and food service uses.
  4. Use take-out containers that can recycled (paper, plastic, aluminium) instead of styrofoam.

Pollution Prevention

  1. Keep outdoor waste storage, parking and sidewalks free of litter, grease spills and other potential pollutants. Use sweeping and spot cleaning for most clean ups. If washing is needed, use a cleaning method that keeps cleaning water out of drains.
  2. Use organically or sustainably produced foods in the kitchen.
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