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Do you want to volunteer to Save the Environment?
Do you wish to contribute to the mitigation of Climate Change?
Are you interested in working towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals?
Why not engage with us at Chanja Datti?!

Chanjadattia is a fast growing green social enterprise located in Abuja is looking for persons to volunteer from all walks of life, different age groups, diverse backgrounds, cultures and skill-sets but with a common interest to salvage and protect the planet.

We want to be very unique and different to ensure that we are a community-based grassroots green company, and that is why we are looking for persons who are no longer willing to turn a blind eye to the myriad of Nigeria’s environmental challenges but are ready to join a community of people that are making painstaking and concerted efforts towards a sustainable future.

You can volunteer in any or more of the following roles:

Waste Ambassadors

Campaign assistants

Research assistants,

Freelance writers,

IT skill providers (Graphics/Web developer),

Social Media promoters

Independent Marketers

Work schedule is very flexible and any reasonable expense would be reimbursed. Volunteers will make a difference for the environment and get reference letters after a period of satisfactory commitment, as well as get on the job training and experience which can be helpful for future endeavours.

Please sign up here to become a volunteer

For more info contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Emma (08038932700) or Dayo (08182389100).

Looking forward to welcoming you as our green ambassadors!