How they will be achieved

Improve the general living condition by reducing the quantity of waste lying around

Rid the environment of recyclable waste which is the major constituent of gutter/lagoon blockage, dumpsite filth, in addition to other recyclables

Provide opportunity for youth and women micro entrepreneurs

By tapping into the under-utilized potential in women unemployed youth, this project provides them with financial independence, hence empowering them to contribute to family and economy

Create value for investors and all stakeholders

Millions of dollars are lost in revenue through materials we consider as waste. Recycling realizes value from such waste and increases overall output for investors

Reduce capital flight by reducing the quantity of plastic raw material imports

The project will ultimately reduce import of virgin raw materials substantially by recycling the ones already in the system, thus keeping our financial resources within the country.

Help reduce unemployment rate by providing employment opportunities

Up to 45 people will be directly employed in the first year while hundreds of independent micro entrepreneurs will be empowered

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